The Galician multinational also exceeded its production ceiling by selling 75,824 tons of aluminum profiles and 958,000 PVC bars. In addition, it created 290 new jobs, currently employing 2,800 people. During the past year it invested 48.5 million euros in increasing the productive capacity of its factories and improving its logistics network.


CORTIZO, the Spanish leader and European benchmark in the manufacture of aluminum and PVC profiles for architecture and industry, closed 2017 with record figures, once again setting record highs for turnover, production and employment.

Last year, the Galician multinational recorded a turnover of 554 million euros, which represents an increase of 17.9% compared to the 470 million of the previous year. These positive data are driven by a growth in production, which registered a new maximum, reaching 75 824 tons of aluminum profiles (+ 6.7%) and 958 000 PVC bars (+ 68%). The percentage of sales abroad was 70.7% with sales to 60 different countries; Germany, France and the United Kingdom repeat as their main markets. “We have been growing for five consecutive years, but our satisfaction is not only because we sell more and more, but also because we also sell products with greater added value adapted to markets as demanding as Central European or Scandinavian,” says Antonio B. Picón, director of the Industrial division of CORTIZO.

The increase in sales and production has had an impact on the creation of 290 new jobs in the CORTIZO group, increasing its workforce to 2,800 employees. This growth has been especially significant in its production centers in Padrón, where it has 1539 employees, 160 more than in the previous year. Throughout Spain, the Galician multinational currently employs 2112 people.

Investment of 48.5 million

Within the Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020, aimed at increasing the productive capacity of its factories and improving its logistics network, CORTIZO invested 48.5 million last year. In Padrón, it allocated 19.6 million to the start-up of a new extrusion press of 2500 tons of power, a new lacquering plant, another one of chemical shine and new extrusion lines in the productive center of PVC. In Poland, CORTIZO has doubled its factory, which has been equipped with a new extrusion press, an anodizing plant and a machining center, which meant an outlay of 14.3 million. In France, the works are moving at a great pace and next summer will have a new extrusion press and a new intelligent warehouse of aluminum profiles in its production center in Chemillé. For that project, it has already allocated 8.2 million in 2017, approximately half of the total of the operation.

In terms of improving its logistics network, CORTIZO has invested 6.4 million in the expansion of its offices in Zaragoza, Zamora and Álava, and in the start-up of a new warehouse of aluminum and PVC systems for architecture in its factory in Tenerife.